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Red River of the North

Gage NameMost Recent Data
Stage or Elevation
Mustinka River near NorcrossMore Than 7 Days OldNA---
Five Mile Creek near Herman12 Jun 2024, 19:001033.02---
Twelve Mile Creek near Wheaton12 Jun 2024, 20:00994.01---
Twelve Mile Creek near Dumont12 Jun 2024, 18:151030.80---
West Branch Twelve Mile Creek at DumontMore Than 7 Days OldNA---
Mustinka River at WheatonMore Than 7 Days OldNA---
Lake Traverse at Reservation Dam12 Jun 2024, 20:00977.01
Tail: 975.87
Mud Lake/Bois de Sioux River at White Rock Dam12 Jun 2024, 19:30975.59
Tail: 968.66
Rabbit River near CampbellMore Than 7 Days OldNANA
Bois de Sioux River at DoranMore Than 7 Days OldNANA
Orwell Lake/Otter Tail River at Orwell Dam12 Jun 2024, 20:001063.96
Tail: 1033.16
Otter Tail River DiversionMore Than 7 Days OldNA0
Red River of the North at WahpetonMore Than 7 Days OldNA2240
Red River of the North at EnloeMore Than 7 Days OldNA2260
Red River of the North at FargoMore Than 7 Days OldNA3340
Sheyenne River at Warwick12 Jun 2024, 19:451380.73402
Tolna Coulee near TolnaMore Than 7 Days OldNA959700
Sheyenne River at Cooperstown12 Jun 2024, 20:001283.34623
Baldhill Creek at DazeyMore Than 7 Days OldNA59
Lake Ashtabula/Sheyenne River at Baldhill Dam12 Jun 2024, 20:001266.02
Tail: 1225.66
Sheyenne River at Valley CityMore Than 7 Days OldNA646
Red Lake at Waskish12 Jun 2024, 19:301174.96---
Red Lake/Red Lake River at Red Lake Dam12 Jun 2024, 19:301174.88
Tail: 1169.90
Red Lake River at Highlanding12 Jun 2024, 20:005.03572
Homme Reservoir at Homme Dam12 Jun 2024, 20:001079.9750
Park River at GraftonMore Than 7 Days OldNA166