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Botttom  Red River of the North Basin
DBCN8   Baldhill Creek near Dazey, ND
BLDN8   Baldhill Dam Pool above Valley City, ND
DORM5   Bois de Sioux River near Doran, MN
WHRM5   Boix de Sioux River and White Rock Dam near White Rock, SD
PLUM5   Clearwater River at Plummer, MN
RDLM5   Clearwater River at Red Lake Falls, MN
HRMM5   Five Mile Creek near Herman, MN
MTON8   Forest River at Minto, ND
HOMN8   Homme Dam Pool near Park River, ND
TRAM5   Lake Traverse at Reservation Dam near Wheaton, MN
MPLN8   Maple River near Mapleton, ND
SHYM5   Marsh River near Shelly, MN
NCMM5   Mustinka River near Norcross, MN
WEAM5   Mustinka River at Wheaton, MN
OTRM5   Otter Tail River below Orwell Dam near Fergus Falls, MN
OTDIV   Otter Tail River Diversion near Breckenridge, MN
FOXM5   Otter Tail River near Foxhome, MN
ORWM5   Orwell Dam near Fergus Falls, MN
GRNN8   Park River at Grafton, ND
WLHN8   Pembina River at Walhalla, ND
CSRM5   Rabbit River near Campbell, MN
RRDM5   Red Lake Dam near Red Lake, MN
JAHM5   Rabbit River near Campbell, MN
CRKM5   Red Lake River at Crookston, MN
FSHM5   Red Lake River at Fisher, MN
HIGM5   Red Lake River at High Landing, MN
RLFM5   Red Lake River at Red Lake Falls, MN
TRFM5   Red Lake River at Thief River Falls, MN
SAUM5   Red Lake at Mouth of Battle River near Saum, MN
WSKM5   Red Lake at Waskish, MN
DRTN8   Red River of the North at Drayton, ND
EMRSN   Red River of the North at Emerson, Manitoba
ENLOE   Red River of the North at Enloe, ND
FGON8   Red River of the North at Fargo, ND
EGFM5   Red River of the North at Grand Forks, ND
HILN8   Red River of the North at Halstad, MN
OSLM5   Red River of the North at Oslo, MN
PBNN8   Red River of the North at Pembina, ND
TPNN8   Red River of the North near Thompson, ND
WHNN8   Red River of the North at Wahpeton, ND
MALM5   Roseau River South Fork near Malung, MN
CARM5   Roseau River near Caribou, MN
ROSM5   Roseau River at Roseau, MN
RSSM5   Roseau River at Ross, MN
BLTM5   Sandhill Ditch at Beltrami, MN
HRCN8   Sheyenne River above diversion channel near Horace, ND
HVYN8   Sheyenne River above Harvey, ND
HWDN8   Sheyenne River at Harwood, ND
LBNN8   Sheyenne River at Lisbon, ND
VCRN8   Sheyenne River at Valley City, ND
BHTN8   Sheyenne River below Baldhill Dam, ND
CPRN8   Sheyenne River at Cooperstown, ND
KNDN8   Sheyenne River near Kindred, ND
WRWN8   Sheyenne River near Warwick, ND
ALVM5   Snake River below Alvarado, MN
TRRM5   Thief River above Thief River Falls, MN
DUMM5   Twelve Mile Creek near Dumont, MN
DMTM5   West Branch Twelve Mile Creek at Dumont, MN
TMCM5   Twelve Mile Creek near Wheaton, MN
HLLM5   Two Rivers at Hallock, MN
LKBM5   South Branch, Two Rivers at Lake Bronson, MN
ADSM5   Wild Rice River near Ada, MN
HNDM5   Wild Rice River at Hendrum, MN
FWRN8   Wild Rice river near Foreman, ND
TWVM5   Wild Rice River at Twin Valley, MN
WLCN8   Willow Creek near Willow City, ND
Top of page  Mississippi above Minneapolis
SDYM5   Big Sandy Lake near McGregor MN
BTNM5   Buffalo Creek near Brownton, MN
GLNM5   Buffalo River near Glencoe, MN
COSM5   South Fork Crow River near Cosmos, MN
DELM5   South Fork Crow River at Delano, MN
MAYM5   South Fork Crow River at Mayer, MN
RKFM5   Crow River at Rockford, MN
EBLM5   Elk River near Big Lake, MN
GLKM5   Gull Lake near Brainerd, MN
GLLM5   Gull Lake Dam near Brainerd, MN
KNUM5   Knutson Dam near Cass Lake, MN
WNBM5   Lake Winnibigoshish Dam near Bena, MN
FEDM5   Leech Lake Dam near Federal Dam, MN
LEEM5   Leech Lake at Sugar Point near Federal Dam, MN
LLRM5   Leech Lake River above Mud Lake Dam near Ball Club, MN
ATKM5   Mississippi River near Aitkin, MN
BRAM5   Mississippi River near Brainerd, MN
DAYM5   Mississippi River at Days Highlanding near Cohasset, MN
GNDM5   Mississippi River at Grand Rapids, MN
WILM5   Mississippi River near Willow Beach, MN
ANKM5   Mississippi River near Anoka, MN
BEMM5   Mississippi River near Bemidji, MN
FTRM5   Mississippi River near Fort Ripley, MN
BLHM5   Mississippi River at Royalton, MN
CRLM5   Pine River Dam at Crosslake, MN
PKGM5   Pokegama Dam at Grand Rapids, MN
POKM5   Pokegama Lake at Grand Rapids, MN
TACM5   Prairie River near Taconite, MN
Top of page  Mississippi below Minneapolis
RBCM5   Bear Creek at Highway 14 at Rochester, MN
BRFW3   Black River at Black River Falls, WI
GALW3   Black River near Galesville, WI
RCCM5   Cascade Creek at Rochester, MN
WLCM5   Cannon River at Welch, MN
LANM5   Cedar River at Lansing, MN
DURW3   Chippewa River at Durand, WI
DOBM5   Dobbins Creek at Austin, MN
SVPW3   Eau Galle Dam at Spring Valley, WI
SPRW3   Eau Galle Tailwater at Spring Valley, WI
STEW3   Kickapoo River at Steuben, WI
CNFM5   Little Cannon River near Cannon Falls, MN
SOGM5   Little Cannon River near Sogn, MN
AMAW3   Mississippi River near Alma, WI (CP5)
BRWM5   Mississippi River near Brownsville, MN
CLAI4   Mississippi River at Clayton, IA (CP10)
DKTM5   Mississippi River at Dakota, MN (CP7)
DBQI4   Mississippi River at Dubuque, IA
GENW3   Mississippi River at Genoa Dam 8
GTTI4   Mississippi River at Guttenberg Dam 10
LCRM5   Mississippi River at La Crescent Dam 7
LACW3   Mississippi River at La Crosse, WI (CP 8)
LKCM5   Mississippi River at Lake City, MN
LNSI4   Mississippi River at Lansing, IA (CP9)
LYNW3   Mississippi River at Lynxville Dam 9
MCGI4   Mississippi River at McGregor, IA
PREW3   Mississippi River at Prescott, WI (CP3)
RDWM5   Mississippi River at Red Wing L/D 3
STPM5   Mississippi River at St Paul, MN
SSPM5   Mississippi River at South St. Paul (CP2)
TREW3   Mississippi River at Trempealeau Dam 6
WABM5   Mississippi River at Wabasha, MN (CP4)
WIDM5   Mississippi River 4SE Winona Dam 5A
WNAM5   Mississippi River at Winona, MN (CP6)
PIPM5   Pipestone Creek near Pipestone, MN
HRDM5   Rock River at Hardwick, MN
LUVM5   Rock River at Luverne, MN
HOUM5   Root River at Houston, MN
LNSM5   South Branch Root River near Lanesboro, MN
HUSM5   South Fork Root River at Houston, MN
ROCM5   Silver Creek at Rochester, MN
LSAM5   Shingle Creek at Queen Avenue North at Minneapolis, MN
SCFW3   St. Croix River at St. Croix Falls, WI
GTBW3   St. Croix River near Grantsburg, WI
STLM5   St. Croix River at Stillwater, MN
FRBM5   Straight River near Faribault, MN
DDGW3   Trempealeau River at Dodge, WI
GRBI4   Turkey River at Garber, IA
TRCM5   Turtle Creek at Austin, MN
BLFI4   Upper Iowa River at Bluffton, IA
DEHI4   Upper Iowa River at Decorah, IA
DCHI4   Upper Iowa River at Dorchester, IA
MUSW3   Wisconsin River at Muscoda, WI
ZUMM5   Zumbro River at Zumbro Falls, MN
RCHM5   South Fork Zumbro River at 37th Street Bridge near Rochester, MN
RCSM5   South Fork Zumbro River at Highway 14 near Rochester, MN
WGOM5   North Fork Zumbro River near Wanamingo, MN
Top of page  Minnesota River Basin
RAPM5   Blue Earth River at Rapidan, MN
WTSM5   Chippewa River Diversion Dam near Watson, MN
SAGM5   Watson Sag Weir and Chippewa Diversion near Watson, MN
BENM5   Chippewa River at Benson, MN
MLNM5   Chippewa River near Milan, MN
LMBM5   Cottonwood River at Lamberton, MN
NWUM5   Cottonwood River at New Ulm. MN
SPFM5   Cottonwood River near Springfield, MN
ODEM5   Minnesota R Service Spillway Hwy75
ODAM5   Highway 75 Dam near Odessa, MN
HICM5   High Island Creek near Henderson, MN
BFDM5   Little Cobb River near Beauford, MN
MILM5   Lac Qui Parle Reservoir at Highway 40 Bridge west of Milan, MN
LAQM5   Lac Qui Parle Reservoir near Watson, MN
LQPM5   Lac Qui Parle River near Lac qui Parle, MN
PVRM5   Lac Qui Parle River south of Dawson, MN
DAWM5   West Branch Lac Qui Parle River near Dawson, MN
WSDM5   West Branch Lac Qui Parle River west of Dawson, MN
RPDM5   Le Sueur River near Rapidan, MN
MLDM5   Marsh Lake Dam near Appleton, MN
GTEM5   Minnesota River at Granite Falls, MN
HENM5   Minnesota River at Henderson, MN
LQRM5   Minnesota River near Lac qui Parle, MN
MTNM5   Minnesota River at Morton, MN
MNKM5   Minnesota River at Mankato, MN
MVOM5   Minnesota River at Montivideo, MN
NULM5   Minnesota River at New Ulm, MN
ORTM5   Minnesota River at Ortonville, MN
SAVM5   Minnesota River at Savage, MN
JDNM5   Minnesota River at Jordan, MN
APPM5   Pomme de Terre River at Appleton, MN
RUSM5   Redwood River at Russell, MN
GRDM5   Watonwan River near Garden City, MN
BGCS2   Whetstone River near Big Stone City, SD
ODSM5   Yellow Bank River at Odessa, MN
Top of page  Lake of the Woods-Rainy River Basin
WTNM5   Basswood River at Winton, MN
BIFM5   Big Fork River at Big Fork, MN
CNLM5   Crane Lake at Crane Lake, MN
GPOM5   Lake Kabetogama at Gold Portage, MN
ELYM5   Kawishiwi River near Ely, MN
SSIM5   Lake of the Woods at Spring Steel Island near Warroad, MN
CYCLN   Lake of the Woods at Cyclone Island, ON
WRDM5   Lake of the Woods near Warroad, MN
LFKM5   Little Fork River at Little Fork, MN
LLCM5   Namakan Lake above Kettle Falls Dam
NRLLC   Namakan River at Lac La Croix, ON
RAFTL   Raft Lake on the Seine River near Atikokan, ON
BRPAS   Rainy Lake at Bear Pass, ON
MNUM5   Rainy River at Manitou Rapids, MN
SKRM5   South Fork Kawishiwi River near Isabella
TURTL   Turtle River near Mine Centre, MB
CLKM5   Vermillion River near Crane Lake, MN
Top of page  Lake Superior Basin
SCNM5   St. Louis River at Scanlon, MN
Top of page  Devils Lake Basin
DCBN8   Devils Lake near Devils Lake, ND
IRVN8   Lake Alice-Irving Channel near Churchs Ferry, ND
MCTN8   Mauvais Coulee tributary 3 near Cando, ND
WEBN8   Starkweather Coulee near Webster, ND
Top of page  Souris River Basin
ALAQ8   Alameda Reservoir near Estevan, SK
DESN8   Des Lacs River at Foxholm, ND
RADQ8   Gibson Creek near Radville, SK
JEWQ8   Jewel Creek near Goodwater, SK
DARN8   Lake Darling near Foxholm, ND
TORQ8   Long Creek at Western Crossing near Torquay, SK
MALQ8   Moose Mountain Creek at Moose Mountain, SK
MMOQ8   Moose Creek near Oxbow, SK
SHTQ8   Short Creek near Roche Percee, SK
MINN8   Souris River west of Minot, ND
HALQ8   Souris River near Halbrite, SK
FOXN8   Souris River near Foxholm, ND
SHWN8   Souris River near Sherwood, ND
VRNN8   Souris River at Verendrye, ND
WSTN8   Souris River near Westhope, ND
YLWQ8   Yellowgrass Ditch at Yellowgrass, SK
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